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Disclaimer - disclaimer

All projects described on this site are free to use and can be made for educational, hobby and experimental. Were not designed for commercial purposes or financial gain. All rights are reserved.
The information, project and software published on the website, are intended for a user with expertise in electrical engineering, electronics and computer science, that is, people can evaluate the functionality of the circuits, ensure that all construction and their implementation and compliance with the regulations the electrical safety requirements. Therefore, the user expressly agrees to use the contents of freely and on their own responsibility.
The installation of devices and equipment operating high voltage must be performed by qualified personnel.
The author, while ensuring maximum accuracy of the content of this site, is not considered in any way responsible for damages of any kind to persons or property due to the information in this document.
The projects are designed, manufactured and tested by the author at least once, even if this is a guarantee of functionality of the project does not certify the absolute  errors free. Who makes the project and executes the implementation is required to verify the reliability.
The author will not be liable for economic damages resulting from malfunctioning of the projects mentioned in this site.
The author is not responsible for data loss due to hardware malfunctions or software or related to available for download from
Anyone download, builds and tests the proposed projects, it does so freely and on their own responsibility by automatically accepting the terms of use of in this document.
Tips, comments and bug reports can be forwarded via e-mail.
The author would like to thank those who help to improve the content of

DO NOT ask for finished products, printed circuit boards, components, or else .... This is not an e-commerce. Some sites of commercial activities are available in the Links section.

By necessity regarding the proposed issues and for information purposes, are indicated websites where commercial activities are available resources software, free or time-limited evaluation, technical information and more. The marks and names of businesses listed in this site and in the various downloadable documents are registered and property of their respective companies. All rights are reserved.
All trademarks are properties of Their Respective companies and are reserved.
The proprietors of trademarks mentioned in this web site or appointed in the various documents, it may require the removal at any time by sending an e-mail to

The information contained in this website are subject to change without notice.
All of the resources contained in are FREE.

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